Grace and Peace be unto you, Christian Leader,

We at BBE would like to start this letter by asking you three simple questions:

1)In what direction would you like to see your organization go over the next five years?
2)What resource will you need to achieve positive goals in your organization?
3)How will you go about achieving these goals?

Many leaders will want to 1) see their church grow, but 2) the main resource needed to achieve this is young people and 3) We at BBE4 believe that we can help you achieve these goals.

The main resource you need to have is a group of strong African American young men.  You need to attract them and you need to keep them in your organization!  Here is a truth that many of us don’t want to face.  Despite love and religion at home, many of our male youths still get into trouble with the law because the call of the street is too powerful.  Opportunities for deliverance are hard to see when they are young and by the time many youths learn about them, it is too late.
Our goal is to show them through field tested graphic periodicals, that they can still hold on to their dreams of success.  Our  entertaining stories give true to life examples of what we can achieve with a little good fortune, ambition, applied intelligence and effort.

For many years people have been looking for effective ways to reach the African American youth in a realistic positive manner.   What we have created, we believe is a new idea in the United States.  The Communist governments spent millions of dollars printing their propaganda in comic book format.  The results were extremely successful.

Some of the benefits from our books are that they encourage young boys to read and what they read in our periodicals will help to build their character.  It shows them how to make better choices without preaching to them.  We will leave the preaching to the ministers.   These books will also help them to discover who they are.  The one thing all of us will have our entire lives is a sense of who we are.  Temptation will test this over and over.  He did it with Jesus right after Jesus was baptized and from that point on throughout all the years Jesus walked on earth in the flesh.  In Acts chapter 19 verse15 we are given a brief example of how ‘who you are’ will either break you or make you, when the demon possessed man speaks to the sons of Sceva; ‘Jesus I know, Paul I Know; but who are you?’ 
These periodicals are a tool that will help you to attract young people and fortify their character with God’s word.  This will help to ensure that they have greater success in their lives and not end up in the prison system.

What if I told you that for absolutely free with no obligation now or ever, we would like to give you a gift that can help you to come closer to achieving your goals of growing your church, help develop character in your church’s youth as well as provide an outreach  to surrounding communities?

Now the Gift

If you are interested in receiving 3 FREE copies of the premier issue of Vaya Con Dios, which directly translated from Spanish means Go With God, without any obligation ever to buy anything from us, please click this FREE COPIES link to fill out the agreement form .  Churches that are larger or have schools will be allowed to receive up to 9 free copies on request.  Each form must be filled out separately with a specific ministry or school/grade indicated on the form.  For example this covers up to three Christian education or academic school grade levels and one 3 pack for the church in general.

The purpose of this promotional is to establish our products in the minds of as many Christians as possible, so that they will have another tool that young people can relate to, in our fight against the immorality that is now plaguing our nation.

When you receive your 3 FREE copies you will notice that they have advertising included in them.  The advertising in the periodicals makes it possible for us to give to you these books for-free.  When you receive your 3 FREE copies ifyou are unhappy about anything, including any of the advertising, please let us know.  You do not have to return anything.  We simply would like to know why they are not a right fit for your organization. 

Please send us any comments or suggestions that you might have for improving our periodicals.  We also welcome any suggestions for story lines you would like to see printed in our publications that would impact the lives of 9 to 18-year olds.  Credit will be given to its originator and organization for any ideas that we use.

The actual periodical will be formatted something as follows: We start with four pages of advertising followed by one page of our own BBE4 advertisement.  Following that is ‘Christian Inspirations’ which is one page in the front of the main feature with sayings and devotionals.  Our main feature, a sixteen-page story in comic book form, is the next thing that appears followed by two pages of advertising. This is followed by  ‘Thoughts on Christian Living’;  a two-page message that clarifies with scriptures common controversies found in the periodical and explores ways that young people can live a more exciting life as a Christian from ‘yours truly’.  Finally we will place four pages of advertising which will precede two pages of letters from readers. 

Go With God                                                                                                        Anthony C Brown
Executive Director

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