This saga published by Brown Brand, created by Anthony Brown, follows Alien super hero, Nembus and his family, who are helped by an earth born Super Hero known as Dr. Soul 
 10 millennia ago humans on earth had depleted earth’s resources and they began to colonize nearby stars until every habitable planet within 50 light years in any direction had been controlled by descendants from earth. Left behind were the unfit, the old and the criminals. As the centuries past they soon forgot why they left earth and recalled only that they had quarantined it. Their civilizations continued to grow as the earth dwellers sank into a dark period only to start to grow out of about 7 millennia ago.
By the nineteenth century of what Earthers now call their common era earth had replenished it’s resources fully and mankind re-developed an internal combustion engine although they could only trace their history accurately back about 5 or 6 millennia. By their twentieth century earth dwellers were reaching toward the heavens once again and the ancient space colonies began to cloak their planets. To them earth was like Chernobyl is to all of earth.
Present Day
There are two main characters in this series, a Jamaican born hero named Dr. Soul and an alien Law keeper named Nembus. Nembus and his family are from one of the 4 habitable planets orbiting the a star known as Tau Ceti located about 12 light years from earth. The advanced civilization that Nembus is from has mastered quantum Technology to Harnesses Dark Matter's gravity to bend time and space and have created space crafts that are able to cover a distance that it would take light to travel in one year in only one day. This is revealed later in the series. But Nembus, his wife and daughter find themselves stranded on earth when their mother ship is damaged after a failed mission to the Groombridge 1618 star system about 15 light years on the other side of Earth, in an attempt to find an antidote to drug that has been given to his wife, Tyreus. The couple, along with their daughter Cyreus, find themselves headed the closest inhabitable planet after their Space craft is thrown off course into an asteroid field and is damaged.
 On earth they are befriended by Dr. Soul. Dr. Soul, who, at the young age of 22  who is a paid resident doctor in the great lakes region of America and has just started his Journey as a super sapient. Using a mind expanding serum he created while he was still an intern, he has become an enhanced human and has just started his Journey as a super sapient.

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Nembus and his wife Tyreus worked for The Tau Ceti Authority.  Originally they were in charge of completing missions requested by the sector they are assigned to, ranging from doing chores, capturing local villains, being bodyguards and performing assassinations.
After several missions, and their major one from the capital of their planet, they are allowed to take part in exam allowing them to advance to a higher rank and to take part in more difficult missions. Their life changing  assignment was to stop a would be world dictator from gaining control of an outer planet in their sector. As a result their lives were changed forever.
Cyreus, is the daughter of Nembus. Generations ago on their home world there was a eugenics war and a group of young supermen simultaneously seized control of twenty one countries on the four planets that orbit the star, Tau Ceti. Like her parents, Cyreus is a descendant of these original leaders that were selectively bred to have physical and recuperative abilities far superior to others. She has an extra organ that allows her to discharge pulses of electromagnetic radiation through her eyes as does her parents.