There are two main characters in this series, a Jamaican born hero named Dr. Soul and an alien Law keeper named Nembus.  Nembus and his family are from one of the 4 habitable planets orbiting the a star known as Tau Ceti, located about 12 light years west of earth. The advanced civilization that Nembus is from has mastered Tachyon Technology to Harnesses Dark Matter's gravity to bend time and space and have created space crafts that are able to cover a distance that that it would take light to travel in one year in only one day. This is revealed later in the series. But Nembus his wife and daughter find themselves stranded on earth when their mother ship is damaged after a failed mission to the Groombridge 1618 star system about 15 light years North East of Earth, in an attempt to find an antidote to drug that has been given to his wife, Tyreus. The couple, along with their daughter Cyreus, find themselves headed the closest inhabitable planet after their Space craft is thrown off course into an asteroid field and is damaged. On earth they are befriended by Dr. Soul. Dr. Soul, at the young age of 22 has just finished his internship and is now a paid resident doctor in the great lakes region of America and has just started his Journey as a super sapien.

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