DESTINY OR FREEWILL explores the adventures of three intertwined protagonists who are on a journey to determine whether DESTINY OR FREEWILL control their lives

 These are the key players in DESTINY OR FREEWILL. 

 He's a master in Aikido and Taekwon Do.
 While abroad he studied and excelled in the art of Zen. Because of this he is able to mentally heal himself. For instance if he is shot he will not bleed but mentally repair damaged cell tissue.
 He is able to astro-project his essence and observe the physical realm while his body is miles away.
 He wears golden bracelets made of a mysterious material that are able to deflect bullets, knives, and swords and transfer the kinetic energy to Melenga's body thereby temporarily increasing his strength and toughness. How he acquired the bracelets is revealed in a story arc that connects him with a man known only as the Sensei.

 A sassy Detroit middle school teacher was born and raised in Belize until she was 13. Because of the dwindling gene pool of successful educated Black men, she has become a reluctant independent Young Black woman who, Melenga, in his debut as a Super hero saves from a car jacking. There was an attraction between the two that neither she nor Melenga expected! 

 His back story is explored in each issue because before he was Ram Charger he was a Super hero known as White Belt who was a member of a Super group know by the media as THE GANG, although they called themselves a different name. RAM CHARGER teaches math at the same middle school as Kikuyu. However, two months during summer break he tours the country giving live demonstrations of his abilities in order to pay for his expensive armor, motorcycles, laser and particle beam weapons that he uses to fight crime. Paxton Rufus an astute trial attorney also serves as Ram Charger's promoter and secures sponsors. Paxton Rufus gets a 10% commission and handles legal fees for several law suites that Ram Charger was involved in. RAM CHARGER is also connected to the Sensei.

 Main antagonists:
 Hooten Downs:
 Works with crime syndicates worldwide using super humans he created for the CIA.

 Eurasian son of the Sensei. They provide proving grounds to test super villains.
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